How to Create a Strikethrough Poem


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A strikethrough poem is intended as a score for choreography. Its structure occurs in the following five stages:

Stage I asks that you provide an original poem, two stanzas of six lines each; it must not exceed or fall short of these requirements. When the time comes to use your score in the studio, think of each stage as having a corresponding choreographic sequence.

In Stage II, you will be asked to strikethrough six lines of the poem you provide. Upon submitting the strikethrough, a series of six randomly generated fill-in-the-blanks will appear. What you decide to write should be interpreted as movement instructions, each preceded by either an “omit” or an “insert.” The “omit” and “insert” function as markers of how the choreographic sequence will be informed by these new instructions.

Stage III will apply the strikethrough to the chosen lines. At this time, these lines will disappear and your poem will be reformatted to accommodate the erasures.

In Stage IV, you will be asked to strikethrough three lines of the newly formatted poem. Then, repeat the process from Stage II in this stage. Expect only three fill-in-the-blanks to appear, preceded by either an “omit” or an “insert.”

Stage V will—like Stage III—apply the new strikethrough to the chosen lines, reformatting your poem for one final time.


An option will appear to view the final poem, at which point you may view all stages of the strikethrough process.


Because of this, we must ask your permission first to store the strikethrough poem that you create on our server, so that we can display it in the gallery.

We do not allow visitors to save other contributer's poems - only view them. Because your work is visible to the public, do not put any sensitive data in the poem. You may opt out of this option and your poem will not show up in the gallery. No matter what you pick, you will always have the option to save your own poem as a PDF to your computer at the end of the creation process.

The owners and operators, "owners", of reserve the right to remove and delete any poem from the poem gallery without notice.

The owners are not responsible for the content of the poems created in the Strikethrough Poem Creator and any potential breach of privacy or data that may be contained within said poem.

The owners may use my poem for any future purpose such as a dance score, exhibition, or any other use case that may arise. The owners do not claim not authorship of poems created in the Strikethrough Creator.

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