Privacy Policy and Data


By creating a strikethrough poem on this website, the user agrees that the operators of may use the contents of aforementioned poem created by the user for any purpose, including educational & demonstrational purposes, promotional material, or similar, without notice to the user. The operators will, to the best of their ability credit the author of poems in a reasonable manner.

Strikethrough is an ongoing artistic process that encourages dancers online to create their own movement intepretations to existing or new strikethrough scores. The user agrees that their poem may be used by other people as a reference or inspiration to create their own material - movement or literary.

In an effort to incorporate all the parts of strikethrough together, the website operators will manually connect existing videos on Instagram to the individual poem's page. This is only available on public posts, since they are accesible to everyone viewing the website. The website does not collect any information on instagram posts/users except: Post Embed HTML.

The website only stores the contents of a poem as neccessary to display it on the gallery. A user may optionally include their name, and instagram account to be displayed alongside their poem in the gallery. A user may also inlcude their email to be in contact with the strikethrough creators. A user's email is never displayed publicly or distributed to other parties in any way.

Poem Creation Consent Agreement

We strongly support collaboration in art in all forms possible, as it fosters growth, imagination, and new ideas. Because of this, we have created a public gallery on this site to display contributors' strikethrough poems for the world to see. Also included in this gallery are Maxine's original scores used in her choreographic process for her piece strikethrough.

Because of this, we must ask your permission first to store the strikethrough poem that you create on our server, so that we can display it in the gallery.

We do not allow visitors to save other contributer's poems - only view them. Because your work is visible to the public, do not put any sensitive data in the poem. You may opt out of this option and your poem will not show up in the gallery. No matter what you pick, you will always have the option to save your own poem as a PDF to your computer at the end of the creation process.

The owners and operators, "owners", of reserve the right to remove and delete any poem from the poem gallery without notice.

The owners are not responsible for the content of the poems created in the Strikethrough Poem Creator and any potential breach of privacy or data that may be contained within said poem.

The owners may use my poem for any future purpose such as a dance score, exhibition, or any other use case that may arise. The owners do not claim not authorship of poems created in the Strikethrough Creator.